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Green M. M. Financial and Economic Consulting Company Ltd. was established in 1987.

Our Company is engaged in finding business solutions for entrepreneurs seeking cooperation, companies interested in selling their business, entrepreneurs starting a second career and interested in concessions or acquiring existing businesses, and, of course, for investors interested in investing in Israel.

Our Company’s large customer base covers this field and provides extended personal service. We invite you to contact us and make use of our professional services.

The Company specializes in conducting feasibility studies for the establishment of new projects, to upgrade existing businesses, carry out complex economic activities, for the investigation of various financing and credit alternatives, and the performance of company valuations on behalf of courts. The above is intended for entrepreneurs at the start of their business, for existing businesses, and companies in various fields of activity.

The Company prepares business plans, recovery and efficiency programs and their implementation, attains credit and financing sources, performs various valuations, sets up costing and pricing, as well as budget and budgetary control systems.

In addition, the Company provides expert opinions to courts and arbitrations tribunals on behalf of one of the parties to the dispute, and as an expert representing the court.
The Company is listed on the register of experts in all courts in the country.

The Company provides calculations of pension resources balance services between couples in voluntary divorce proceedings, in arbitration or cooperation, or those undergoing court divorce proceedings.

Another field of expertise is the representation of law firms/estate executors as professionals responsible for the financial and business aspects of estate management.

Our clients include companies in a variety of fields - industry, commerce, services, real estate, high-tech and more, in Israel and abroad.

The Green M.M. Economic and Financial Consulting Company Ltd. employs additional experts, advisors with wide knowledge and significant experience in the fields of law, engineering, sales and marketing, accounting and taxation, insurance and pension savings, as part of our broad basket of services. This enables each customer to receive comprehensive responses to the needs of its business - all under one roof.

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Our service is in Hebrew and English. For more details:

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